Botanical NamePhyllostachy Heterocycla Pubescens
Common Names: Moso, Bamboo
Appearance: Generally a uniform and pale yellow to almost white. Live bamboo that has been left standing too long frequently develops fungal decay, discoloring the wood with brown or black streaks and patches.
Physical Properties: Being a monocot in the grass family, bamboo does not have any sapwood/heartwood or growth rings. Texture is very uniform, and ranges from medium to fine depending on density. Bamboo that has been split and processed into lumber will have intermittent variations in the fiber at each node on the stem.
Working Properties: By woodworking standards, bamboo can be different. It is not necessarily difficult to work with, but depending on the species, it may require some special care. Bamboo fibers tend to split and pull out when being cross-cut, (applying masking tape across the cut line beforehand is recommended to prevent this sort of tearout). Also, bamboo is very high in silica—from .5% to 4.0%, found almost entirely in the outermost layers of the stem—so care must be taken when processing lumber. Carbide cutters are strongly recommended, and surface sanding is suggested instead of thickness planing with steel cutters, both for longevity of cutting edges, and quality of the finished surface. Bamboo glues, stains, and finishes well. When turning giant bamboo species, tools dull quickly, and endgrain tearout is common, but tearout tends to be very shallow, and the endgrain sands nearly as easily as the facegrain, and an overall smooth finish can be achieved with minimal effort.Uses: Veneer, paper, flooring, fishing rods, ladders, scaffolding, musical instruments (flutes/woodwinds/chimes), furniture, window blinds, carving, turned items, and small novelty items.In StockClick to view the Plyboo® Bamboo Plywood MSDS Sheet
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Click to view the Neopolitan Plyboo® Strand Soybond™ Plywood MSDS Sheet

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Thickness Size Grade Cut Core
1/4″ 4’x8′ Amber Horizontal Veneer
1/4″ 4’x8′ Amber Vertical Veneer
1/4″ 4’x8′ Natural Horizontal Veneer
1/4″ 4’x8′ Natural Vertical Veneer
3/4″ 4’x8′ Amber Horizontal Veneer
3/4″ 4’x8′ Amber Vertical Veneer
3/4″ 4’x8′ Natural Horizontal Veneer
3/4″ 4’x8′ Natural Vertical Veneer
3/4″ 2.5’x6′ Neopolitan Stand Board 30×72 Veneer
3/4″ 2.5’x6′ Durapalm Vertical 30×72 Veneer