Whenever you use Homasote® 440 SoundBarrier® for sound control you get an added bonus of Thermal Insulation. Homosote has twice the “R” value of wood.

Homasote® 440 SoundBarrier® controls sound in floors, walls and ceilings.

Independently lab tested and time-proven in millions of square feet of residential and commercial structures, 440 SoundBarrier® is a special-density, structural board made from 100 percent environmental Homasote® cellulose fiber, a homogeneous composition manufactured with uniformly distributed protection against termites, rot and fungi and resistance to moisture. It also insulates, with twice the R-value of wood. Made with FSC® certified material.

Carpenters and do-it-yourselfers can easily install 440 SoundBarrier® in room partitions and peripheral walls, ceilings and floors, in:

  • Single or multi-family housing
  • High and low-rise apartments and condominiums
  • Motels
  • Schools
  • Professional buildings
  • Assisted living facilities


Primecoat panel is a wood fiber panel with a factory applied coat of white paint that permits finishing without the need for a primer. Primecoat panel is made from organic raw materials and is an environmentally friendly product.

Uses: Primecoat panels are used in residential, commercial or industrial applications on walls or for ceilings for Sound and Thermal Insulation.

This insulation board is often used as a thumb tack notice board.

Thickness Size Description Additional Description Additional Information
1/2″ 4’x8′ Insulation Board
1/2″ 4’x8′ Homasote Sound Barrier 440

Homosote Board