Lauan Meranti Okoume

Botanical Name: Shorea spp.
Common Names: Lauan, Balau, Light Red Meranti, Dark Red Meranti, White Meranti, Yellow Meranti, Philippine Mahogany
Appearance: Color can be highly variable depending upon the species: ranging from a pale straw color, to a darker reddish brown.
Physical Properties: Has a coarse texture with medium to large pores. Grain is sometimes interlocked.
Working Properties: Typically easy to work, due to its low density. Though some rough or ragged surfaces may be left while sanding, and it may be necessary to sand up to a finer grit to obtain a satisfactory finish. Some species may have a slight blunting effect on tools due to small levels of silica present in the wood. Glues, stains, and finishes well.
Uses: Plywood, interior furniture, general construction, concrete forms, as well as a number of other general utility purposes.

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Thickness Size Core
1/8″ (3mm) 4’x8′ Veneer
1/4″ (5.2mm) 4’x8′ Veneer
1/4″ (5.2mm) 4’x10′ Veneer
1/2″ (12mm) 4’x8′ Veneer
3/4″ (18mm) 4’x8′ Lumber-core