pine knotty plywood

Botanical Name: Pinus Monticola
Common Names: Knotty pine, Jack pine
Sources: Grows in western United States and Canada.
Appearance: Straight and even grained with a medium to coarse texture. Cream colored to light reddish brown heartwood that darkens on exposure and yellowish white sapwood. Similar to easern white pine in appearance.
Physical Properties: Light, soft, moderately stiff, low strength and shock resistance, moderately low decay resistance, and good stability in service.
Working Properties: Turns, planes, and generally works very well with machine or hand tools. Steam-bends quite well. Glues satisfactorily. Holds nails and screws well without need to pre-drill. Paints and finishes fairly well but beware of blotchiness when staining.
Uses: Used for building construction, boxes, crates, matches, carvings, patterns, millwork, fixtures, caskets, paneling, and plywood.

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Thickness Size Grade Cut Core
1/4″ 4’x8′ A4 Plain Sliced Veneer
1/4″ 4’x8′ A1 Plain Sliced Veneer
3/4″ 4’x8′ A1 Shop Veneer