Plywood  Matching

When the log is sliced (see Plywood Slicing) the flinches are matched for color and grain. They are then glue-stitched together in different matching sequences to form a full sheet of veneer the different matching configurations of which create varied appearances and pricing.

Matching Information

Plywood Matching Techniques

There are five various techniques for creating the veneer patterns seen in plywood.

Slip Match

Adjacent veneer sheets are joined side by side, same sides up, for a uniform grain pattern.

Whole Piece

Whole Piece Plywood matchingOne single piece of veneer is used, with continuous grain characteristics running across the sheet.

Medium Density Fiber Core

Plywood pleasing matchVeneers are matched by color or similarity, not necessarily by grain characteristics.

Book Match

Plywood Book MatchingEvery other piece of adjacent veneer is turned over, resulting in identical, but opposing patterns.

Random Match

Plywood Random MatchingVeneers intentionally do not match at the joints, providing a casual effect.